Friday, June 22, 2012

Paul Maul 2: The Reckoning

Since my very minor tear against Ron Paul once again generated some decent feedback -- I say once again because every time anyone brings up "Dr." Paul in a negative light, his cult-like followers come out of the woodwork to bombard the heretic with e-mails -- I figured I'd bring something related back to the main page. This quickie diatribe from August of last year generated more Facebook "likes" than anything that's ever been published at DXM -- 348.

It was the first time I really bothered to bring up Ron Paul and his fawning, deluded worshipers.

"If there's one thing I'm absolutely through abiding in this country it's these idiots who embrace Ron Paul as some sort of messianic figure come to save our great nation from itself. The draconian brand of libertarianism that Paul and his monkey son espouse is intrinsically anti-American because it reduces the notion of a "United States of America" -- particularly as a world leader -- to an afterthought, one that can and should be sacrificed in the name of each person doing whatever the hell he or she feels like with no sense of a collective responsibility to each other or the country as a whole. If Paul's vision for America had been in place since our nation's inception, America never could have accomplished the myriad astonishing things that made us a superpower.

The free market is not America. It couldn't fucking care less about America; it exists simply in the service of itself. It has no loyalty to anything but its own perpetuation and notions like patriotism don't even enter into the picture. Say what you will, but a government of duly-elected officials is the only system beholden to no one but the people. In theory, anyway. While I'm not sure our current model is working -- precisely because so many of our leaders are on the take in one way or another -- I hold tightly to the belief that the citizenry can actually change that situation for the better. We have the power, but only if we act in concert as Americans -- not strictly as individuals who don't give a crap about the other people who make this country great.

Ron Paul and his neo-libertarian acolytes want an America with no sense of cohesion; one that's at the mercy of a system of government that's no real government; one that doesn't care much what happens to you because it's either none of its business or it simply isn't cost-effective to give a damn; one that in many ways resembles a Third-World country.

Fuck that."

I feel as strongly about this today as I did when I wrote it a year ago -- if not more.

Cesca brilliantly calls Ron Paul "a shibboleth for nihilistic hipsters." It's a perfect description of him and the inexplicable pull he has with the profoundly gullible.


Anonymous said...

hate hate hate. im chez pls give me money so I dont have to get a job and ill tell hate stuff for u

Russell44 said...

Thank you again, Chez! "Libertarianism" is a neologism for "To have your cake and eat it too." People need to grow up.

Chez said...

Excellent, it looks like we officially have a new troll: the "hate hate hate" guy. There's been a dearth of truly dedicated trolls around here lately. Welcome. : )

JohnF said...

I think the most annoying thing about potheads is their pigheaded enabling of Ron Paul. Hey, he wants to legalize weed, he must be OK! He's DOCTOR PAUL.

(Also, in response to anonymous troll:
Chez is a writer. It's his job. Writing these pieces, both here and at the Banter, is him doing his job. Why shouldn't he get paid do to this? Nothing wrong with throwing a few ducats his way for the work he turns out every day. If you don't want to donate, don't. If you don't like his writing, don't read it. But to make it sound like he doesn't work while you're reading the actual product of his work makes you sound like a fucking idiot.)

Janean said...

Meh. Surely he/she/it can do better than that. Kind of pathetic, really. It's bad when you can't even be an interesting troll.

Anonymous said...

What's up Chez?

Though I know it probably won't cause you much concern it's a good idea to be prepared for some of the desperate reactions that some of Ron Paul's followers tend to have when they find someone that's critical of him online. What I'm talking about is their proclivity for trying to mess with people's websites and blogs after they fly into one of their occult furies- namely by hacking them. While it's obviously tough to try and empirically prove who's actually behind hacking attacks (unless you trace the source somehow) I cannot help but notice that the last time Bob Cesca put out a few consecutive articles critical of Ron Paul his site was down a few days later. And while that possibly may be a coincidence it's something to be aware of I guess.

I don't think all of "Lord Libertarian's" followers are nuts, but unfortunately the zealots and hysterics tend to out-scream the normal people among that guy's crowd. I've been waiting for people to realize what kind of nonsense people like Ron Paul pedal, and appreciate your article since it's a splash of reality that's desperately needed- particularly for college students envisioning fantasies of self-reliance they have no understanding of.

In short: nice article.

pasta65 said...

I live in Kirkland Washington and just for shits and giggles I went to the Republican caucus three or four months back. I went mostly to screw around and watch some truly clueless people try and figure out how this governing thing works.

I saw two dominant camps the Romney supporters and the Paul supporters. The Paul supporters were younger and more aggressive. They were willing to take the leadership positions and act as precinct heads.

In my little Finn Hill group there were eleven of us and five were for Romney and five were for Paul.

I had them both give me their spiel and the Paul people were really working me. The Romney people were on lithium or something as they hardly engaged me.

I politely listened and then said that Gingrinch was my man. A twenty something Paulite looked at me with a shocked look as he was certain he had won me over with his speech. He asked why I was for Gingrich.

I replied, "Have you seen Callista? That woman can blow a mean horn"

Most of the young Paulites think he is the second coming for two things, no war and legal dope and they are all a bunch of dumb fucking dopes for not looking deeper into the political ideaology of a narcissistic old man.

Drew said...

Chez, I hope Prof. Hate keeps on coming around. It's a marvelous joy to watch you make a mockery of his retarded, text speak (a true sign of dipshitness), butchered attempt at writing English in any sort of coherent fashion. If that makes me a hater, I'm okay with that.

agrazingmoose said...

Gullible, intellectually lazy, and self-absorbed.

That is what I think after I walk away from an accidental conversation with a Paulite. I would never talk to them on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Drew said...
mind you're own business. you don't need to kiss chez ass hell let you suck his cock just go here and fill it up

CNNfan said...

Dear "hate hate hate",
Who just recursively gave
"feed feed feed"
to the troll claiming to be
"chez chez chez"?

Hehehe! Just joking here.

JohnF said...

Yeah, Drew! Mind you are own business.

Eric said...

At the risk of feeding one: am I the only one who thinks a Kickstarter campaign to buy typing lessons for online trolls would be a brilliant idea? God knows, it wouldn't make them any more coherent, but at least their posts would be easier to decrypt.

Drew said...

Actually Anonymous, I didn't say that. You might want to learn to cut and paste.

Since you're posting on an open forum, it is my business if I choose to make it so.

Keep up with your attempts at writing English...someday you may not look like a linguistic buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Why is "Dr." in quotes? He is a real doctor, but you knew that right?

I guess everything communism is America these days to you punks.

Grow up Ron Paul is right and continues to be right.

Chez said...

You're so in thrall of your doddering old fool idol that you'll post a comment on something that's more than a year old just to make sure you're on record defending him.

Not even sure where to begin with that, but it's definitely entertaining.