Friday, June 08, 2012

Listening Post

The Offspring's Pete Parada grabbed dinner with my girlfriend and me a few weeks back and as we were riding around in the car, he played us this new track -- what would be the next Offspring single. As we listened to it, he basically made it clear that die-hard Offspring fans were probably going to lose their shit over it, considering that it sounds like Dex and Noodles may have simultaneously started dating Katy Perry.

But Pete admitted that people were going to have to see the video to understand that -- in the long tradition of summer-ready Offspring singles -- the song, while admittedly really, really catchy, wasn't meant to be taken too seriously or perceived as some kind of new direction for the band. No, kids, they haven't "sold-out" this far into their storied career.

Anyway, here's the song and the video to go with it.

This was released all of about eight hours ago -- it's Cruising California (Bumpin' in My Trunk).


QuadCityPat said...

That was fucking awesome! I'll share it on twitter, although I don't expect a snob like you to actually talk to little old me on twitter.

Chez said...

You know I love you, Pat.

Anonymous said...

Offspring didn't sell out with this crappy song, they did that at least a decade ago.

Chez said...

If you say so.