Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 6.7.12

Wisconsin Recall Post Mortem; Democrats and Liberals Undermine Themselves; Romney Could Win This Election; Republican Economic Sabotage; Romney the Tea Party Sock Puppet; Republican War Against Pensions; Guess Which Republican Commercial is the Fake One; America is Doomed; The New Karl Rove Commercial; Everything We Didn’t Get To Today Will Be Discussed on the After Party; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius!

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Anonymous said...

So...what can we do about this self-defeating and, sometimes "almost-complicit", from the people who are more than willing to turn their backs for the smallest reason because Obama isn't 'liberal' enough. What comes to mind are some people from Salon, FireDogLake, Citizen Radio (absolutely), The Young Turks (fucking definitely), among a few others. Hell, if I remember correctly, Cenk actually said to vote for Republicans so to teach the Democrats a lesson (feel free to correct me on this).

This shit doesn't help. Especially for people who're trying to get a decent future (like myself, a college student in Tampa). Maybe it's something you know better than I do, but this deadbeat attitude from the left, the unwillingness to fight it because the fear of a backlash from the right? They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings? What is the reason? I'm genuinely asking this because no one's giving me a straight answer.

Everyone can see that Republicans will get together (you know, putting aside their differences) and will push Romney into presidency...while liberals/progressives/Democrats are falling apart and standing off the side lines, hardly participating in the "fight". Facts are a nice thing but it doesn't mean shit if no one's going to take a stand. There are those who do, but there's only a handful.

Is there anything we, ordinary citizens, can do about this with what we have? I'm willing to do something; no payment necessary.

-- Tony