Friday, June 01, 2012

The Bob & Chez Show After Party 6.1.12

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This week: Everything We Didn’t Get to Yesterday; Florida Weirdness and Strip Clubs; Wolf Blitzer Versus Donald Trump; Romney Gaining Among Women; Romney’s Inappropriate Skeletor Laugh; Liberal Complacency Makes Us Nervous; Republicans Manufacturing Harrowing Problems and Blaming the Democrats; The Uncanny Valley Candidate; Bob’s Theory of Racial Fear; Romney as Patrick Bateman; Chez’s Cartoon Alter-Ego; This Week’s Food Network Star; Bourdain Leaving Travel Channel; Foie Gras Banned in California; The Zombie Cannibal Apocalypse is Here; The New Dizzy Kid Video; 12 Songs That Sound Exactly the Same; and much more.

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