Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Sunday Smackdown

My latest piece for the Daily Banter is now up -- it deals with Rachel Maddow's deft smackdown of vaudevillian hack Alex Castellanos on Meet the Press this past weekend, and why we don't see more of that on network and cable television but should.

Here's the opening shot:

"In case you missed it, Rachel Maddow handed Alex Castellanos his ass this past Sunday morning. It happened on Meet the Press during a debate over whether the Republicans are currently engaged in a legislative 'war' on America’s women. While I’m not a big fan of calling what the GOP is doing an all-out war — only because I feel like that term has been run into the ground — there’s no doubt that what we’re seeing from the right at the moment is the latest fusillade in an ongoing push to turn back the clock to time when women were largely free to come and go as they pleased but were also fully aware of their place beneath the white guy power structure. They were often highly regarded, but their rights were still little more than the largess of the real people in charge — which is the definition of condescension."

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LK said...

I was grinning from ear to ear watching her reaction and smackdown(something that rarely happens when watching Meet the Press!). The fact that he even tried to dismiss her with 'it is too bad Rachel does not have facts as I like her' (I know not word for word - but...). I love that she takes nothing personally and just sticks to truth and facts and does so with respect for the other person (which must be a challenge in most cases)

Mart said...

Only Maddow complaint is wish her big story set-ups could be cut in half; aimed at 8th graders not 1st graders. When my right leaning friends see her mug, they usually say something nasty about her sexuality or looks, plus add bitch. They then flip the channel quicker than I do when I see Hannity. When I ask why, "it's just something about her." Not sure how that works.

Anonymous said...

Being a nerd of the statistics variety, and my hide already having been chafed by a very wrong assertion that women under 30 make more than men (thus women have "won"), I spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to prove/disprove Castellanos' assertion that single women aged 40-64 make more than single men. According to the Current Population Study, in 2010 single never married men aged 44-64 who worked made a median income of $36,412, widowed men made $40,311 and divorced men made $42,073. Women made $33,726, $32,115, and $35,585 respectively. There are no demographic categories in which women (as a population) make more than men. Single, never married women are catching up to men, but they are not there yet.