Friday, May 18, 2012

Response Time

Once again it's time for Bob Cesca, Ben Cohen and me to answer your serious questions with a lot of half-assery and snark.

It's the Daily Banter mailbag.

Read It Here


Drew said...

"Wolf actually is a wolf. He can summon the creature at will and only the elders buried deep beneath CNN Center can contain it. Speak of this to no one."

Absolutely fucking brilliant! Bravo good sir...bravo!

Anonymous said...

"Ben Cohen and me ..." not "Ben Cohen and myself ..." As a writer, you should know better.

Chez said...

Yes, I fucked it up. On the other hand, blow me. Or blow myself. Whichever.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! And, Chez has to be defensive! I'm not even smart enough to have notice the error, but the fact that someone else did ... just funny.