Thursday, May 24, 2012


My latest piece for the Daily Banter is now up and it deals with the conspiracy theory that simply will not go away -- no matter how many times it's been put down.

Here's the opening shot:

"An ongoing meme on the podcast that Bob Cesca and I do involves a debate over how much good actually comes from constantly bitching online. It typically goes something like this: Bob plays the admittedly heroic role of the passionate crusader, a guy who fights injustice armed only with a keyboard and a microphone and who points out the insanity of modern politics with the goal of changing things for the better; I make a couple of shitty cracks, throw up my hands at the futility of it all, then go get drunk. All things considered it works out pretty well for us. He’s like a righteous Felix Unger, cleaning things up as best he can, and I’m Oscar Madison, not giving a crap — or at the very least Jack Klugman on the deck of the sailboat in the opening credits of Quincy, examining the chick in the bikini with a champagne glass in my hand..."

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Steven D Skelton said...

I'm completely with you on everything you wrote...with one exception.

"a copy of the platform being proposed by Republicans in Iowa shows that they’ll officially demand that any candidate for President of the United States prove his or her natural born citizenship when they meet in mid-June. "

I don't see that as a bad thing. Maybe it came from a nut-bag, birther thought process...but if implemented across the board it would mean that we wouldn't have to go through this stupidity again.

Jester said...

You missed the point that they're spinning this latest version in a new direction. In the new direction, they reluctantly acknowledge that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii, but it doesn't matter because *his father* wasn't a U.S. citizen.

Therefore, Obama is an anchor baby and should not be eligible to be President on that basis.


The Constitution skips this whole question (not defining what "natural born Citizen" means) and there's been no test of this in the courts. Therefore, they're obviously not nutty birthers. They're holding a thoughtful discussion of immigration policy.

It's all rubbish, of course. But that's how the new version of this song goes.

Mart said...

SDS - remember when the congressional Dems passed a resolution saying that John McCain, born in the Panama Canal Zone, was a US citizen since his parents were there with the Navy. Basically took the issue of the table before the election heated up. Kinda just like what the Iowa republicans are trying to achieve.