Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

"One of the most bizarre phenomena on Christwire is the existence of returning commenters. There’s a fairly dedicated community of people... who respond negatively to almost every single article, and when confronted by third parties explaining the satire, either ignore them or write strange, evasive answers. But in an odd way, this makes a lot of sense. If the average internet user’s culled RSS feeds form an echo chamber, then Christwire, for those who return to it, could become sort of a reverse echo chamber. It’s designed to be disagreed with, yet never to make so much sense that it might actually challenge anyone’s views. Arguing daily with fictional characters probably accomplishes for some people what watching Bill Maher or Bill O’Reilly every day accomplishes for others: a constant reminder that you are right, and other people are at best, misguided, but more likely, terrible human beings."

-- Rob Trump of Splitsider on Christwire, nicely explaining the little incident I documented here for me

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