Sunday, May 20, 2012

Quote of the Day

"It is not a good thing. The immigrants do not share American values, so it is a good bet that they will not be voting Republican when they start voting in large numbers."

-- Conservative group "The Eagle Forum," founded by prudish spinster cliché and right-wing crusader O.G. Phyllis Schlafly, on the encroaching immigrant threat to our way of life

Cesca posted this a little while ago and I just had to pop it up here. Never mind the repugnant -- though not the least bit unexpected -- way this group paints all immigrants with the same shit-brown brush and basically dubs them all a bunch of shiftless criminals who are nothing but a parasitic burden on real Americans. What's most interesting about the above quote is that it acknowledges something I've been harping on for quite a while now, namely the fact that the Republican party in its current state is doomed; the changing demographic makeup of the country is going to push it to the brink of extinction, ironically because of the kind of thinking -- the demonizing of anyone who isn't white and Christian -- espoused by the Eagle Forum. Understanding full-well that the rising tide of immigrant political power is going to change this country in striking and irrevocable ways, what do conservatives do? They double-down on the xenophobic rhetoric, try to slam the doors shut and generally tighten their grip on the kind of country they believe is now slipping through their fingers. None of it matters, though. They're eventually going to lose. That's not a matter of opinion -- it's math.


vernonlee said...

A Latino friend of mine is fond of saying:

We may not overcome, but we will overwhelm.

Anonymous said...

Little do you know, Chez, Republicans don't BELIEVE in math.

Anonymous said...

"-- the demonizing of anyone who isn't white and Christian --"

You forgot 'closeted.'

Anonymous said...

Well, Ms. Schlafy has been around long enough to say this same thing about those darn lazy and shiftless Irish, then Italians, then Russian Jews, then Polocks, then Hungarians, and so on and so on.

Though I ask Ms. Schlafy, doesn't it suck to live in a democracy where a group a people can band together and vote against your party? What where the founding fathers thinking?!

Drew said...

Chez, I don't know if it was intentional or not but your "slipping through their fingers" statement reminds me of Princess Leia talking to Grand Moff Tarkin right before the Death Star blows up Alderann (I know, my geek is showing).

Right now the GOTP is sitting in their Death Star wallowing in what they believe is the "ultimate power in the universe"...their ideaology. Little do they know that the rebellion is building its' forces and will eventually shoot a progressive torpedo up their ass and destroy them.

Tuba Terry said...

You know, these people seem to have a lot in common with people I've taken to calling 'shitlords':

They all say ridiculously terrible things. When called out, they double down. When that's called out, they shift to something completely unrelated (example: "gay people shouldn't get married because it destroys marriage", "hey, that's fucked up and here's why...", "Well, we can't afford to pass a gay marriage bill because of the state of the economy". Yes, seriously. That was a quote from one of the shitheads that canned a gay marriage bill in Colorado.)

My personal favorite is , "hey, that's fucked up", "Free speech!"

They're also grown-up children who never learned or consciously ignore things like empathy and compassion (goes double for those worthless Ayn Rand followers).

I have to grudgingly give conservatives the nod here though - at least these conservatives give no credence to being decent people. I see a lot of brogressives espousing social justice while wrapping themselves in the cognitive dissonance required to be 'ironically' racist/sexist/whatever-ist. (Personal favorite: weed activists supporting the racist & sexist Ron Paul. You're not progressive, you just like weed.)

*cough* sorry, back on topic...

Worst though, is that there's not a damn thing you can do or say that will shut them up or expand their perspective at all. Polite, rude, on-topic, off-topic, counter-trolling? All useless. Small-minded bigots, the lot of 'em. You just kinda have to hope that you can push them over the edge quickly enough that normal people go WTF instead of 'he might have a point there...'.

warrenbishop said...

@Drew: I loved the Rebel Alliance metaphor! My question is are the Dems, progressives, really building a rebellion?

The country's political discourse (and legislation) seems to be moving farther and farther to the right. Alot of Clinton's big legislative accomplishments were very Republican ideas: Telecommunications Act, Welfare reform, repeal of Glass-Steagall etc.

Now we've got Obama, who if take a close look at his positions - he's really what used to be called a moderate Republican.

Right now the only policies discussed are far right wing ideas v. right wing ideas. Liberal or progressive policies never enter the debate.

If you look at the laws Republican governors are signing (Scott Walker, McDonnell, Brewer) they're really pushing their agenda. They definitely seem to be winning.

I would argue that 'The Rebellion' is in some real trouble.