Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Quote of the Day

"I have a mindset that says bipartisanship ought to consist of Democrats coming to the Republican point of view."

-- Tea Party darling Richard Mourdock, who defeated long-time Republican Senator and relative moderate Dick Lugar in yesterday's Indiana primary

So there you have it. Today's Republican party summed up in one neat little sentence. It's no longer about politics or compromise or working together for the good of the country -- it's about obstruction at all costs and rabid, eliminationist fanaticism. And it's going to doom the United States government to gridlock until the inevitable finally happens: the Republican party as we know it purifies itself into extinction.


Steven D Skelton said...

That's a whole lot of indignation for a guy basically saying the other party should change their minds and agree with him.

Isn't that what all politicians think?

Chez said...

Jesus, Skelton. I can't stress enough that there are times when you're perfectly reasonable and other times when I wonder what the hell you're thinking. The intransigent partisanship of people like Mourdock isn't some easily justifiable example of the same-old-same-old, not when you consider the way politics has worked for centuries. These guys aren't merely spouting rhetoric and that's why they've won over a small but vocal segment of the public (although a decent-sized portion of the Republican party). They're True Believers -- and they're willing to burn the country to the ground to get what they want because they don't simply think that the people across the aisle are their political adversaries, they see them as their sworn enemies and a threat to the entire country.

Anonymous said...

His comment went farther than a simple "I disagree with them and they should come over to my side." He is not talking about a particular issue or even a set of issues.

Instead, it said that his view of compromise is that he gets everything he wants and the other guy is the one that does the compromising. It's the Tea Party way or no way.

That's the kind of compromise I expect from a toddler.

Anonymous said...

Has he a Confederate battle flag wrapped around his neck?

Anonymous said...

Is it a bridge too far to say this guy is a fascist?

warrenbishop said...

The really sad part is that alot of Democrats go along with it. I mean these guys drag our political and legislative discourse further and further to the right, and the Dems just meekly go along with it.

Think about where we are right now. Most debates are between extreme right wing, and right wing positions. Liberal or progressive ideas aren't even considered any more.

Look at healthcare, that's a REPUBLICAN idea - dreamed up at the Heritage Foundation, implemented by former Gov. Romney. When Obama was drafting the Affordable Care Act, single payer wasn't even considered.

I understand why Mourdock thinks he can get away with this, because the Republicans have been very effective at taking a position of "My way or not at all".

Look at the debt deal. Afterward Grover Norquist said he got practically everything he wanted. If you're a Democratic president and you reach a compromise that makes Grover Norquist really happy - that's a sure sign you've really fucked up.

Anonymous said...

If he was a fascist, he would have had thugs out in the streets intimidating and beating the fuck out of his opponents supporters, so yeah it is a bridge to far to call this guy a fascist.

But it is very dangerous to think that continued gridlock due to attitudes like this guys will lead to the death of conservatives/Republicans. If Obama is re-elected it certainly isn't going to be with a huge landslide and in fact the Democrats will probably lose seats in the House and Senate, which means yet more gridlock for the next four years, during which the Republicans/Conservatives will spend every fucking second shrieking about how EVIL Obama and the Democrats are and how said people are the only ones repsonsible for the continuing mess that the country will find itself in. That opens the door for a far, far right winger to win the Republican slot in 2016 and the Presidency.

Anonymous said...

And I hope he holds his breath waiting for that to happen.