Thursday, May 03, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Kate Hudson is officially worse than cancer."

-- Salon's Mary Beth Williams in a text she sent to me yesterday immediately after sitting through a screening of A Little Bit of Heaven, in which Kate Hudson plays a woman battling cancer

Since that text, I've been waiting for Mary Beth's "review" of this movie to be published. Well, it's now up -- and as somebody who still has a crush on Hudson's Penny Lane character in Almost Famous and yet can't help but regard her with nothing but shame these days, it's everything I'd hoped.


Claude Weaver said...

The more I read from her, the more I understand your crush on her more and more.

And Hudson is alright too.

Hmmm, for some reason the phrase "grudgefuck threeway" kept popping in my head. I think I'll blame you for that one, Chez.

Mary Beth said...

I love you, Chez. That is all.

And Y Tu Mama Tambien - now THAT was a grudgefuck threeway.

Chez said...

; )

Mary Beth said...

And Claude, you can see why I've got a crush on him too.

Claude Weaver said...

Oh, my, she responded to me! I feel proud to a somewhat inappropriate level.

CNNfan said...

Mary Beth said, "And Y ..."

Translation: "Y And ..."

Hehehe... Just kidding Mary Beth!