Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Listening Post

Still one of my favorite songs from these guys -- and if you've ever seen the behind-the-scenes clips for this video it's hilarious to watch the members of the band kind of stalk Sarah Michelle Gellar off-camera and wonder why she hasn't spoken to any of them.

Here's Stone Temple Pilots' Sour Girl.


Steven D Skelton said...

STP stands out among similar bands of that time for several reasons, but the bass playing is what really does it for me.

So many bands of that era just have the bass play the roots and match them up with the kick drum. Not these guys. He's staccato, punchy, syncopated and wondering.

Great playing.

L. said...

Weren't the bass and guitar players the songwriters? Whichever ones were the brothers wrote the music, I believe. That'd explain it.

Adrienne Saia said...

Adore this song. Never really found another STP fan who appreciated it as much as I do. Putting it in heavy rotation today, thanks for the reminder!