Friday, April 06, 2012

Yes We Can!

My latest piece for the Daily Banter is now up. The subject: the fact that we've finally reached the point where a news organization just feels like it can come right out and admit that it engaged in illegal activity and -- as if that's not enough -- follow it up with an arrogant, "You're welcome."

Feel free to take a look and comment either here or at Banter.

The Daily Banter/Yes We Can!/4.6.12

1 comment:

CNNfan said...

A news story like this is news junkie
gold. It is fantastically hilarious
when journalists expose themselves as
pinheads when they report this comedy
scandal. It is bound to get even
funnier if witnesses expose
themselves as pinheads in public.

I hope the court passes a law against
being too lazy or stupid, to actually
use the factory default PIN as your
mobile phone password, ROFL!

No offense intended, especially to
the UK... I just find this really funny
that so many in the news are missing
the obvious punchline of this joke...

That there were so many pinheads
using factory default PINs to
password protect their mobile
phones! And the other
pinheads are journalists
reporting on it without even
realizing, how funny they sound.

Tears in my eyes from laughing
while typing, it's so hilarious...

What a bunch of PINheads!

"PINhead", the movie
The Phoney Hacking Scandal

"How did the news hack in?"

"Their hacking tool of
choice was the instruction
manual that came with
the phone!"