Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Sacrilege


Anonymous said...

Well, the lambs of the 'Lord' has got to get their rocks off somehow.

- Tony

The Mama said...

The cherry on this sundae?

"Video's". With an apostrophe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they just stopped by to deliver the word of God to the non-believers. Maybe there weren't any more parking spaces available because a gay parade was going through the neighborhood and tying up all the curb space so this was the only one to be had. Maybe the van got stolen and the thieves, ironic postmodernists that they are, dumped the van in this parking lot as their idea of a joke. Maybe this was a deliberate action by liberals to discredit the good name of the church.

I mean, who really knows?

CNNfan said...

Outside the matinée the other day, I counted at least seven vacant stores.

Stores are vacant all over the place.

Even A&P supermarkets are now gone.