Friday, April 13, 2012

Response Time

Time once again for Bob, Ben and myself to answer your serious questions with a lot of half-assery. It's the Daily Banter mailbag.

This week: Should the media apologize? What the hell's wrong with Jon Stewart? And how much will we all miss Rick Santorum?

The Daily Banter Mailbag/4.13.12

1 comment:

CNNfan said...

Hey fans,

Even hotter* than she was as The Internet Chick
Jacki Schechner is back on Current TV!
I just popped over to
and found this fantastic news!
Wow! I don't understand what
took so long?

News producers may not get useful
advice from sites that claim to have
500 million members, when any
real fan groups that become too
popular there are quickly, quietly commandeered.

In outside fan groups, every time Jacki
comes up in real fan discussion, it is
always the same reaction. Fans like
Jacki... Every time.

* hotter, in terms of promoting good ratings...
Not in terms of being a creepy fan... hehehe! ;-)