Monday, April 30, 2012

Quote of the Day

"Sexual conduct encouraging an individual to engage in a non-abstinent behavior."

-- The definition of "Gateway Sexual Activity," according to a bill passed by lawmakers in Tennessee last week intended to promote abstinence-only sex ed in schools and to prohibit teachers from promoting actions that could conceivably lead to sex

The more I read about laugh-out-loud shit like this, the more I think that the push for absolute abstinence came along about two generations too late in places like Tennessee.

Also, this:


Christi Wampler said...

The high school I attended here in the good ole Volunteer State had a daycare. For the students' kids. And I didn't even go to the worst high school in town, not by far. So this plan should probably work really great. Just like everything else does in TN. #ashamed

Anonymous said...

Seriously, people were elected and paid not to realize this:

"Gateway Sexual Activity" = First sexual experiences are...
"Sexual conduct" = sex
"encouraging an individual to engage" = leading to
"in a non-abstinent behavior" = sex

L. said...

Thank God for the fact if you don't tell teenagers about sex they'll have no way to learn about it and will never ever want it until they're married. I mean, it would be irresponsible to teach them about safety and responsible sexual behavior, right?

Shit, the pictures of STDs they showed us in high school are still seared into my brain. They made the exact impression they were going for. 'No condom? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?'

Marsupialus said...

American Exceptionalism? Hell yeah!!

Amber said...

I live in Tennessee. Considering how many teachers in our state have recently lost their jobs or are being investigated for improper conduct with students, I'm not sure we should be so focused on the kids holding hands.