Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Picture of the Day

The retired space shuttle Discovery flies on the back on a 747 near the Washington Monument. It was photographed by someone at the DC Huffington Post offices.

I love the fact that it's an Instagram shot. It screams, "The Discovery was okay, but I really liked the earlier Columbia work."


Al said...

That image makes me achingly sad. I wrote an elementary school paper on the shuttle program and the then upcoming first launch. I had a model of the 747/Shuttle and who knows how many books and posters of Enterprise and Columbia.

Yes, it was an overly complicated design resulting in two tragic disasters and was inefficient in ways that only a massive bureaucracy can make something...but they were gloriously beautiful machines too and it's shocking how much they achieved.

I look forward to taking my boys to see Discovery some day and to tell them what a wonderful bird she was in her day.

Mart said...

This image made me sad as our current leadership lacks the courage and vision to do great things.

Marc McKenzie said...

@Al: Nice comments--and very similar to my own childhood; I was always reading about the Space Shuttle and was absolutely gonzo about manned space flight. I did not see the first launch of Columbia--I had just immigrated to the US with my family.

The Enterprise is going to be on display at the Intrepid in NYC, and I plan to visit and see it. Yeah, it never flew into space, but it was used for landing tests.

@Mart: Which leadership--the President who's actually gotten a lot of things done, or the GOP who's constantly trying to f**k him up and screw us over? And I'll go even further--WE are the ones to blame. We gave up on the space program, gave up on looking out there (well, most of us, anyway). I once heard someone say that we've been too caught up in our petty squabbles on Earth, moaning and groaning about how "it's too expensive to go into space and we should concentrate on fixing things here".

Sure, I'd love to see more effort being put into manned spaceflight. But it won't mean spit if the general public isn't interested, or is fed the canard that all we got out of the space program was Tang.