Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Palin Show

My latest piece for the Daily Banter is now up. It deals with NBC's recent, idiotic decision to allow Sarah Palin to host the Today show -- and how I didn't even need to see the thing to know exactly how it played out and the kind of thinking that went into it.

Please, you read, yes?

The Daily Banter: The Palin Show/4.4.12


LK said...

You brought up the point that has been plaguing me - why did NBC frame it like a grudge match/ payback, going so far as to have Palin on the couch surrounded by newspapers we know she was not reading? Katie Couric asked her a question you might ask a 4th grader. Ratings does not justify that level of stupidity. You are exactly right - it was shameful. And, only validated how far into the abyss of desperation they are willing to plunge. Jon Stewart's take down of the decision was also spot on - just fyi since I know you mentioned you did not have a TV.

Anonymouse said...

Ha! That will show that vapid, attention whore of an idiot. You should dedicate more time and free advertisement to that moron. That is sure to make her go away Chez!

Chez said...

Don't be a dickhead, Mouse. The piece was about NBC rather than Palin. I'll shame NBC every chance I get. I doubt seriously that it'll have any effect, but somebody's gotta do it.

Anonymouse said...

No its not going to have any effect...if anything, it justifies them doing stunts like this. You're talking about them. You are potentially introducing folks who would have zero clue they even had Palin on the show again. You're driving up their google analytics which is going to feed the hype machine. You honestly think you have done anything at all positive? I'm just imaging a room of the Today show douche bags...
"Oh shit! We just piss off one blogger by the name of Chez?!? Bob..BOB!!! HEY BOB!!! Quit huffing glue for a second cause some guy on the internet takes offense to us whoring ourselves out! WE HAVE TO TOTALLY CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE DECLINE OF MASS MEDIA IN THE US!!!"

This is like people who rail against negative campaigning...but then completely fall for it...or like someone feeling all self righteous on a message board not realize he is just feeding a troll.

Claude Weaver said...

So Anonymouse, your solution is that we say absolutely nothing about Palin. At all. Positive or negative.

I gotta say, that is really freaking weak. I am sorry, but I really hate that "any publicity is good publicity" standpoint. It is intellectually weak, and reeks of false equivalency. This kind of attitude doesn't fix anything; in fact, it justifies the attention whore's antics even more.

Context does matter, negative reinforcement does matter, and treating Palin like the overdrawn joke that she is seems to be working quite well. The fact that NBC put her on the today Show is proof positive that she is no longer considered a credible political threat anymore. She is a sideshow, and I would rather have her as a blatant, attention whoring buffoon than with any kind of access to actual decision making. If she is busy playing games on morning TV, then she isn't doing anything that actually matters.

And that is the real point here: none of this crap with her or NBC really matters in the long run. Her haters will laugh at her, her supporters will laugh with her, and they everybody goes back to their lives.

No, Chez's piece probably won't affect those who continue to entertain this dolt and her fans. But they weren't going to care anyway, so why not have at her? And really, if somebody could possibly go into that piece and actually like Palin more from it, they already made up their minds about her.