Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Listening Post

There's no one in rock and roll more self-indulgent than Blue October's Justin Furstenfeld. Maybe it's the fact that he comes from a region where the country-western ethos dominates music, but there's never a damn thing subtle about his songwriting; he eschews things like allusion and metaphor to just come right out and say that he means. On the one hand, it's occasionally gripping stuff as it gives you a window directly into his psyche -- on the other, it's almost impossible to 100% identify with anything he writes since he's writing it about his own personal experience exclusively.

With all of that in mind, I have to admit that this song had an effect on me -- and for reasons you'll understand almost immediately. Blue October's latest record is all about the crash of Furstenfeld's very troubled marriage, told in vivid detail -- and while I've very much moved on from my own, the songs that deal with his relationship with his young daughter do have a pretty visceral impact and likely will for any man separated by time, distance and circumstance from his child, in particular his daughter.

Here's The Worry List.

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Colombo said...

You are right about Justin pouring absolutely everything into his songwriting and occasionally getting some powerful stuff out, but man is he self indulgent - you not so much as hit that nail on the head but smashed it through the fucking wall. It must be hell being in his band when every stubbed toe leads to a 5 verse ode to pain and regret he is suffering both physically and emotionally