Monday, April 16, 2012

Listening Post

Yeah, it's Monday and that sucks. But a little bit of Queen can make everything better.

Here's One Vision.

Back to the grind with you, gerbils.


Benjamin said...

I think I might never forgive whichever ass-clowns decided that Highlander didn't need its own soundtrack. It's true, we do have "A Kind of Magic", which contains this kick-ass track as well as most of the great music from Highlander, but we'll probably never get to hear (or at least, I have never heard) the full version of Queen's "New York New York", which is a god damn shame.

Fried Chicken.

Busayo said...

'One Vision' kicks plenty of ass, but nothing gets the blood flowing for me like 'Princes of the Universe' or 'Seven Seas of Rhye.'

Benjamin said...

Oh shit, the May solo in "Princes of the Universe" is an all-timer. No way not to grit the teeth when air-guitaring that one. That shit is WORK!