Friday, April 13, 2012

The Bob & Chez Show After Party 4.13.12

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This week: We fiercely debate the marijuana culture and Chez’s recent Twitter battle over the topic; Pot versus Alcohol; Chez the Contrarian Asshole; The New Girl “True American” Drinking Game; The Purple Panda Scares Little Kids; Toronto Public Health Board Pranked with Fake Names; The greatest local news fire coverage ever; and much more.


LK3 said...

I appeciated your only child comment Chez. I never thought about it from that perspective. I was attributing it to being an introvert.

Chez said...

It's interesting. We recorded the show a day early because I had to fly out on the red-eye early Thursday morning to get Inara and I was already totally overwhelemed -- which means that I wasn't really thinking as clearly as I should have been for either show. During the flight I actually came up with a couple of decent arguments for why I'm not a fan of pot culture -- aside from its just not being my thing. At some point maybe I'll put together a post about it. My arguments center mostly around the fact that many -- though certainly not all -- heavily pro-pot people come up with a lot of bullshit rationalization as to why it's such an "important" plant when the reality is that if it didn't get them high, they wouldn't give a crap about all the other supposed benefits of it. They're often being disingenuous in their advocating of it.

LK3 said...

I actually did not feel it needed a justification. I was surpised that it generated such a need for a response/ defense of why.
I was actually relating to not having a need to be part of a group and I actually find myself on the edge of most of the groups I "should" be in and while it has never been a conscious always seems to be the case. I just had never attributed it to being an only child. So it gave me something to think about. So, I thank you.