Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The viral video and ARG campaign for Prometheus has already started and it promises to be a doozy. First of all, there's the fictional futuristic TED conference speech given by Peter Weyland -- played in the movie by Guy Pearce -- available to see and hear on the Weyland Corporation website. (Being that this is the second time I've mentioned Weyland today, you can tell I'm already severely geeking out over all this.) And some attendees at WonderCon this past weekend were given a business card that led them to this piece of video -- the "unboxing" of the David 8 android, narrated by Michael Fassbender, who plays David in the movie.

Note the white silicon pumped through the tube, presumably into David. Gave me chills.

For the record, Deus Ex Malcontent is gonna be your official home for all Prometheus-related hysteria for the next three months. Also, if anybody cracks the password to get into the "Project Prometheus" area of the Weyland website, let me know. Apparently nobody's done it yet.

And yes, I suck.


Claude Weaver said...

And you called out Trekkies for their geekery not too long ago.

My God, man, cover that nerd boner up right NOW. There are ladies present.

Donal said...

Oh, an artificial life form with white blood. Hmmm.

L. said...

Not completely related to this, but I am physically incapable of saying Michael Fassbender because Vince on FilmDrunk always calls him Michael F. Assbender and now that's all my brain can do.