Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Tomorrow at the Banter mothership I'm going to get into the online feud (now settled) between Deadmau5 and Madonna. The fusillade of Facebook and Twitter taunts from Mau5's side started over the weekend, after Madonna made a surprise appearance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and proceeded to ask the crowd, essentially, whether a good portion of it was on drugs. Mau5 took offense, saying that the drug scene needs to be downplayed for the good of electronic dance music. Hilarity ensued.

But while I of course take Deadmau5's side in the battle, for reasons beyond any attempt to moralize, there's kind of no denying that actually, yes, a lot of people at Ultra were on drugs.

The piece will be available to read tomorrow morning, but for now -- there's this. A girl stripping and making out with a palm tree. One which, if what happens at 1:40 is any indication, is one half of a tumultuous love-hate relationship.


Mike said...

This can't be real, can it? I mean, I've never done acid, so I don't really know. Acid can't make you do this, can it?

wheels said...

If she had had some desire to do something like this deep down, it may have allowed her to by removing inhibitions. In a very intense experience she may have actually thought it was a person. I'm not so sure it was real, it seemed like she was just putting on a play for attention. It's really hard to tell because you would have to have seen how she acted before and after this incident.

VOTAR said...

Stuck. Like. Chuck.

In my next life I want to be a palm tree at Ultra.

Anonymous said...

Mike, yeah it's real.

And if you need to get drunk or stoned or drop acid or take shrooms or shoot up to listen to and 'enjoy' a certain type of music, that type of music sucks.

End of story.

There is no counterpoint to this.

Drugs and booze are a crutch used by pathetic losers.

Chez said...

Thanks, straight-edge.

Claude Weaver said...

As soon as I saw the "pathetic losers" comment, and then your sarcastic response, combined with your icon pic, I busted out laughing.

Just the mental image of you reading that, and having the same look on your face, is just...beautiful, man.

My family is wondering if something is wrong with me right now.

Michael J. West said...

Anonymous @ 10:51

"Drugs and booze are a crutch used by pathetic losers."

And anonymity is...?

Fungi said...

Did she work at Treasure Island???

Chez said...


Anonymous said...

Performance art...plain and simple.

60ft6in said...

If you want to do Trance Dance go to Goa. There was one night in January 1996 that we heard Rave music all night from the hill north of us at Arambol in north Goa. That would be inland from the bamboo forest and brackish lake a mile north of Arambol. Does anybody here remember Goa Gil?

kanye said...

I have to believe that this staged--that it's a performance--if for no other reason than the fact that this incredibly attractive girl just spent two-plus minutes dry humping a tree and not a single guy stepped to her. Not one.

19-year-old me comes across this, and I'm in love by the twelve second mark. Thirty seconds in, and I'm there, knocking on that tree, doing my level best to convince her that I'm a mighty oak; that palm trees are losers, and besides, they all have tiny-little fronds.

"Come see what real tree is like. Grind me to a pulp."

Of course, that's conditional...based on the assumption that I could get to her before one of my buddies did.

No, I have to believe that this stunt, because if not, then I weep for this younger generation.