Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quote of the Day

"You just have to close your eyes."

-- Republican Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett's advice to women on how to deal with the mandatory pre-abortion ultrasound being proposed in his state

You know, I'm all tapped out of clever today -- can we please just jam a baseball bat up this man's ass?

Just close you eyes, Tom. You won't even feel it.

Jesus Christ, he even sounds like a rapist.


Girl With Curious Hair said...

I was going to ask how these people ever get laid but then I thought of the Date Rape song. It kinda fits.

Anonymous said...

Right now, the amount American women are being dehumanized is appalling. It coming from officials elected to represent “the people” is maddening. The cheers from people who claim to be great adherents of a religion based on the golden rule of “loving thy brother” are obscene.

In the end, the claim is it will save the life of someone whom our society, at best, is largely indifferent toward.

idiosynchronic said...

I think the Gov. was just making sure you had adequate material for tonight (tomorrow's?) podcast.

Anonymous said...

Use that 10" shaming wand on him, to find his head.

QuadCityPat said...

Close your eyes?

You mean like you did Governor? You remember when you were Attorney General?

A grand jury had been convened to investigate Jerry Sandusky, and other investigations of that type were wrapped up in about a year, but this one took 3 years. Because you needed the Penn State fucks to vote for you, so you didn't want the indictments out until you were elected.

You're a fucking despicable, corrupt enabler of child rape. I'm pretty sure Ol' Jerry said the same thing.

Close your eyes indeed you miserable fucker.

J. Dack said...

I'm still struggling with the fact that they think we're all stupid enough to be tricked by naming the bill "Women's right to know."

I mean yeah, THEIR constituency is stupid enough, but give the rest of us some credit.

At least sub-title it ("Whether they want to or not *wink*")

The Mama said...

The thing about this bill, and others like it, that bothers me more than the fact that it's a little bit rapey, is that it presupposes that we women are stupid and callous.

Guess what, guys? We're not stupid, and we're not callous.

We know what's going on in there. We know what it looks like. We have friends who have had babies and shown us their six week and six month ultrasound photos. Some of us have had children before, and have those ultrasound photos still framed on our walls. Some of us have felt the tiny little quickening in our bellies, alerting us to something growing in there. Some of us have felt the baby move and hiccup and kick and stretch. Some of us have endured the exquisite agony of labor, the feeling of having our hearts ripped out and placed on our naked chests.

When we walk in to that clinic, we're making a heartbreaking decision. We've lost sleep, lost faith, lost our minds. We've cried tears of agony and shame. We've bargained, we've prayed, we've hoped against hope. We've raged and we've wept.

Afterwards, we'll rage and weep some more. And every day, we'll think about it. And each year that passes, we'll silently celebrate birthdays, wonder about soccer games and school plays and high school graduation and weddings and grandchildren, and grieve the loss. And every day, we'll hope we made the right decision.

But it's okay, Mr. Governor. We'll just "close our eyes" and it'll all go away.


Busayo said...

Jesus Christ, just say "Lie back and think of Englandm" you hateful fucktard.

Forget a baseball bat. I'm getting a trombone. And I'll shove it in wide-end first.

Anonymous said...

Eloquent, but you will silently celebrate birthdays? What day is that, the day the day the baby was aborted??