Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Quote of the Day

"President Obama and his allies in the press are trying to pull a fast one on you. You've heard all about the so-called 'contraception controversy,' well there's no such thing... his foot soldier, Sandra Fluke, a contraception activist, is at the center of the storm... President Obama, on the ropes with the economy and specifically with women voters, gets Mrs. Fluke to create a controversy, and the liberal media puppets play along as scripted."

-- Unrivaled jackass Eric Bolling discussing the contraception battle and Sandra Fluke's role in it last night on Fox News

You remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that I was giving serious thought to abandoning politics as a regular topic of conversation around here? This is why. What can you possibly say about something this delusional, divorced from reality and shamelessly batshit crazy? In an effort to spin this Republican-generated PR cataclysm into something its audience will be able to robotically harumph, Fox News is attempting to manufacture a conspiracy. No, Sandra Fluke isn't a concerned citizen with something to add to the very legitimate debate over contraception -- she's a sleeper agent activated by the White House during an election year in the hope of diverting attention away from President Obama's incompetence. There isn't even a national debate over contraception happening. In fact, there's no such thing as contraception -- or women for that matter. You are getting very sleepy.

It's like Bolling and his audience are living in some alternate universe where facts like an improving economy and President Obama's current popularity with women voters simply don't exist. This is Bellevue-quality paranoia. Is there any wonder -- any fucking wonder at all -- why Fox News viewers are the least informed in the country? They're peddled propagandist fantasy 24/7.

But again, is it even worth talking about anymore?


JohnF said...

Obama's the one with the female voter problem????
There aren't enough question marks for this.

Chez said...

Mind-boggling, isn't it? They pick this ridiculous and unnecessary fight with a voting bloc made up of half the country and then try to say that Obama is the one alienating women. I really think the Fox News people just have meetings where they brainstorm who can come up with the most outlandish nonsense and see if the network can get away with saying it. It's like the whole place is the most elaborate practical joke ever created.

Nick said...

Bolling could be one of the characters in Mirage spouting said insanity...

J. Dack said...

I wouldn't blame you if you quit blogging politics.

But if you do, best stop watching/reading about them too. Or, buy a heavy bag to beat the shit out of.

Writers have a tendency to spontaneously combust if they don't vent the mental sewage they imbibe by watching the news.

Anonymous said...

In regards to anything resembling the truth I can see FOX talking heads wave their hand and say in a monotone voice, "These aren't the facts you're looking for."

Tom said...

Actually, it means they're NOT crazy, they just had a lucid moment in their insanity, and realized just how monumentally BAD an idea this whole crusade has been.

And what do we do when we realize we've done something fucking moronic? We pin it on Obama :-)

L. said...

As a single woman on birth control, I obviously want to support the party who paints me as a slut. Clearly they're the ones supporting me.

nicole said...

"is it even worth talking about anymore?"

Therein lies the question anyone who blogs politics asks themselves eventually.

sigh...i don't know. But, it seems to me that we have no choice. If we don't talk about it, who will? The corp. media won't in most cases. I guess I feel like we have to, we have no real choice if we care about the kind of country we're going to leave behind for our children.

Anonymous said...

So let’s see… hmmmm…

1. Barack Obama’s parents created a fake birth certificate so that he could grow up and become the first black President.

2. Barack Obama, upon fulfilling this life long dream, comes into power and starts to turn this once great country into a “Socialistic wasteland”.

3. Then after he turns us all to Socialists, he will then turn us to Communist Sharia loving terrorists all the while listening to Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

4. Now after all these dastardly plans were put into action, he turns to taking everyone’s minds off of the poor job he is doing by using the horrible and vicious Sandra Fluke to lull us all into this newest conspiracy to continue to control us.

5. Then he rests and has dinner….

60ft6in said...

Rush Limbaugh has Fluke worms. It could not happen to a more deserving guy.

AppleDoc said...

I experienced this when a very conservative person chimed in on an online discussion recently. Talk about alternate reality!

He seriously thought the contraception access in the ACA was a "radical redistribution of wealth" that would directly make both his taxes and insurance premiums increase (although the rest of the preventive care he gets for free, like blood pressure checks and diabetes screens, were just fine), while at the same time not only representing "the beginning of a eugenics experiment" but also "so girls can have all the free sex they want." And when I pointed out that no one, regardless of political leanings, would stand for that anything close to eugenics, he said he honestly thinks from President Obama on down there is a "secret plan" to ultimately force sterilization on women.

At some point I think we all just have to accept that there is a good 20% of the voting population (which I guess thankfully translates to only about 10-15% of the total US population) that just doesn't have any connection to reality.

I can't say they should be ignored, because they can veer into dangerous territory, but there certainly isn't any hope of reasoning with them. And it's a damn shame most of the current GOP is perfectly happy to fan their crazy flames into political fires that do nothing but make real governance impossible.