Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Quote of the Day

"The cop-out for Republicans is to dismiss Limbaugh as a showman, and not a consequential political messenger. 'I’m in a very different business,' Rick Santorum claimed last week. But the general public probably doesn’t see such a sharp distinction. Limbaugh’s show is almost entirely about politics, and the themes he stresses invariably echo and influence the themes that Republican politicians across the country emphasize. And Republicans themselves have spent the past two decades promoting the image of Limbaugh as their leader... Because they put Limbaugh on a pedestal all these years, Republicans have only encouraged Americans to regard his garbage not just as the rantings of a radio host, but as the message of the Republican Party."

-- Steve Kornacki in a Salon piece called "Rush Limbaugh and the Poisoning of the GOP Brand"

Yup, that just about sums it up.


Anonymouse said...

He has poisoned nothing. The dialogue has just been changed. Now it is poor Rush has been tricked by a massive liberal conspiracy, involving a White House that cannot deal with a failing economy, who placed in position a dedicated socialist plant, knowing that the good God fearing Rush, thinking that everyone has good intentions, would trip up and point out the logically fallacy with handing over direct control of female reproduction to the government. Its all in Saul Alin...something Jewey sounding leftist socialist dogma that hates America!

The sad things is that this will work on the core group of his supporters and with many in the GOP base. Each year the line between mainstream GOP and the nuts at Infowars gets blurrier and blurrier...

CNNfan said...

It just doesn't seem fair by comparison that Sue Simmons, after over three decades as an anchorwoman, loses her job. As the shortage of veteran news icons widens, it is no wonder the news business is not what it used to be.