Monday, March 05, 2012

Quote of the Day

"We can be poor in spirit, and I don’t even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing."

-- Ann Romney, wife of obscenely wealthy Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney and driver of "a couple of Cadillacs"

You know, I was looking for an excuse to link to something running over at Cracked right now and damn if Ann "I'm Not Wealthy" Romney didn't just hand it to me on an appropriately silver platter. I don't normally troll Cracked looking for insightful political commentary, but a piece called "6 Things Rich People Need To Stop Saying" flawlessly dissects the tone-deafness so many of the indignant wealthy have displayed over the past couple of years of widespread economic despair. It also shreds their supposed rationale for regularly trotting out such horseshit arguments.

For the record, Ann Romney's quote falls under number one on the list.


JohnF said...

Oh, man. Now that you're one of us here in L.A. you're going to run into this one A LOT. I've actually had conversations with people who make 800 grand a year, and they don't think they're rich. What they really mean is "I know people who make more than I do, ergo I must not be rich."
Part of it must be liberal guilt, or the idea that it's gauche to be considered wealthy.
Or something. Me, I'd love to be rich. I'd never stop admitting it.

Sommer said...

I read that as "I'm poor in spirit. My bank account barely justifies this marriage."

Moment of unintended honesty?

CNNfan said...

I think Mrs. Romney just means, "Money can't buy you happiness." but fans can be poor in spirit too, when they don't get an autograph to share on their homepage.

In all fairness, yes, it may be a little bit too soon for that, but President Obama already did. So don't wait too long.

Chez said...

Oh, I totally get it, Foley. First of all, remember that I lived in NYC for about a decade -- that place is the home of, "You'd be surprised how little money a half-million a year really is," said with a straight face.

Also, I've never once said I wouldn't like to be rich. Fuck that. I'd love nothing more. It's how you behave once you've got all that money that defines whether you're worthy of respect or just a fucking tool.

Anonymouse said...

To be fair, this mindset has no political boundary. Nothing is more irritating than living in Baltimore City, where the schools are imploding, yet our democrat leadership does everything possible to prevent any effective voucher program or school reform in general. I recognize that reforming schools is a hot button issue and just sending all the kids to charter schools isn't the answer, but when pretty much every member of the school board sends their kids to private schools, its hilarious hearing them try to justify it and not sound like rich assholes unwilling to allow their kids to mix with the masses.

Democrat, don't matter. The only way most of us end up at their little parties is as the help, entering and exiting through the back door.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice about a month ago when Romney lost Minnesota et al. he stopped speaking because so much he came across as insensitive, trite and elitist - and was replaced with a more active wife. Ms. Romney coming to the stage was no accident and I am sure his handlers are thrilled that she may have some appeal.

I don't recall hearing her say two words in 2008.

-Tom Mullen

kanye said...

Whoever did her hair and makeup for that photo deserves a huge bonus.

Kel said...

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy indifference. (Ask the Catholic Church.)

Anonymous said...

I bet she gives great helmet.

L. said...

Ugh. Here I sit trying to decide whether I can afford to keep going to see a chiropractor for a ruptured disc and Romney's wife is saying she doesn't think she's wealthy. And I'm not even saying I'm poor.

If you never worry whether or not you can afford something over $10,000 then you're rich. Shit, if you don't worry about purchases over $1,000 I might say the same.

And I'm going to take this opportunity to say that no, we can't all be rich. It's not mathematically possible.
Global wealth is ~$231 trillion. The global population is ~7 billion. If you assume that 50-100% of that is people over 18 the absolute peak wealth 'everyone' can attain is $33,000-$55,000. If you take into consideration that millionaires control 39% of the world's wealth, it drops to $20,130 - $33,550.

(All statistics grabbed via Google search and calculated by me, so I don't promise 100% accuracy.)

Anonymous said...

There is a reason the saying “It takes money to make money” exists. Our economy can be compared to a Vegas Casino. You can spend your whole life playing $15 black jack and play it very well; however you’ll never win anywhere near the money that the person who can play $10,000 a hand winning only half as much as you do.
As for the “I Work Hard” argument, there are a few careers where in fact working 60+ hours a week can yield great financial returns. But for the majority of careers, working more hours is either not an option or yields only slightly more than working a standard work week. For example, right now I may need a second job on top of my full time work, but to accommodate both, the second job I take would at best only supplement my income a few thousand a year. No accounting to what the physical and mental toll this will take on me.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the Romney-family gaffes as much as anyone, and am profoundly pleased that they give people like chez fodder and ad revenue. The point that is, perhaps, being missed, is that this family has been running for President for six years and they seem to be incapable of going off-script. All of Mr. Romney's business achievements were achieved when he had the undeniably biggest stick in the room and his little conversational hiccups had to be forgiven. The US no longer has the undeniably biggest stick. The flubs that are cute in a primary could be world destroying if the Romneys are the First Couple.

TheReaperD said...

@anon10:02: Probably not. She can pay other people to do it.

Ref said...

She is, indeed, poor in spirit.