Thursday, March 15, 2012

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"The Republicans really are the party of white people, and especially older white people."

-- Pew Research Center Director Andrew Kohut on a new poll by the organization which shows, surprise, the GOP tanking dramatically among young, educated, non-white voters

And that non-white voting bloc is only going to increase and become more powerful as the years go on. In other words, as I've said many times, the Republican Party in its current form is being demographically pushed out of existence. And its leaders and mouthpieces are doing nothing but hastening their own extinction.

In other words, keep it up, guys. You're doing great. I'm behind you all the way.


kanye said...

"...the young, the better-educated and the non-white."

Not, "...among young, educated, non-white voters" as you wrote.

Three groups of voters; not one.

So, what this article is telling us is that those who currently identify with the Democratic Party are the very same voters that have always identified with the Democratic Party...exactly what it says in my son's 6th Civics textbook.

And people get paid for this?

Deaddancer said...

As much as this fact seems like common sense to me, as well as pleases me deeply, it makes me somewhat fearful. We know how bat shit many of the republican faithful are, as illustrated by any number of videos of tea party rallies, but I also think among these dinosaurs are too many wackos who aren't going to take this trend lying down. We're going to see some ugly shit go down as as this Christian taliban writhes in its death throes.

Chez said...

Good point, Kanye. Sorry for the error.