Friday, March 16, 2012

No Choice

This is being circulated far and wide today and with very good reason. As Cesca rightly says, it's the most important -- certainly the most infuriating -- thing you'll read all day.

Published in the Texas Observer, it's the very personal story of the torment and heartbreak -- the heartbreak on top of heartbreak -- that a woman and her family were forced to endure at the hands of Texas's despicably draconian pre-abortion sonogram law.

This is what a growing number of Republican lawmakers are trying to do. This is their idea of smaller, less intrusive government: forcing their way into the space between a doctor and a woman, and into the most personal and often emotionally devastating decision a woman will ever make.

But remember, you can always just close your eyes.

The Texas Observer: "No Choice": One Woman's Ordeal with Texas' New Sonogram Law/3.15.12


agrazingmoose said...

I felt her agony when I read the story. It is a terrible but necessary family decision made exponentially worse by the state of Texas.

Didn't Santorum and his ilk learn their lesson with the Shaivo case? Of course not.

There was a good editorial in the NYT today about the history of the Catholic church's involvement in the regulation of birth control. It is a must read.

loey said...

Hey Chez. Thanks for posting this and keeping the conversation going. I don't know if you've read the comments section after the article, but the truly dogmatic, fundamentalist, insensitive and mean comments are gut wrenching. I'm sad that I live in the same country as the people who attacked the writer of this article.
But on another note, when I click on your link for older posts and am taken to your second page I get to see a petition by Rand Paul trying to overturn Roe v Wade. Did you know that shows up on your blog? Maybe it's only my computer, or maybe it's some spam thing, but I had to point it out. Didn't think it was something you'd be thrilled to see.
a Friend of a Friend.

Chez said...

Thanks, Loey. Yeah, there's not much that can be done about the ads -- the reason being that the right buys more ad space than anyone else politically and when I write about something with certain keywords, the bot spots that and automatically inserts a related ad (It'll also occasionally give you ads to stuff it's seen you Google or look at online, which is creepy as hell.) I'll talk to Ben over at Banter though and see if something can't be done about that asshole Rand. You're not the first person to notice that ad.

Busayo said...

I'm pretty sure the GOP's next brilliant move would be to suggest that women shouldn't vote in your country.

With these laws, the GOP makes it more than clear that they think of women as nothing more than brood mares of the state. Hell, Georgia Rep Terry England just said three days ago that women, rather than abort a stillborn foetus, should carry it to term, "like cows and pigs do." Those were his exact words. Since women OBVIOUSLY lack the mental capacity to make decisions about their health and their lives, why should our delicate little brains be burdened by something like the vote?

Somewhere right now, a conservative politician is thinking this. Plus, it helps in their anti-Obama stance: rather than give Obama the female votes (which he is obviously going to get, the way the GOP is going), they'll just get rid of it completely. It's the kind of troll logic, the we-will-burn-this-nation-to-ground-to-get-rid-of-the-black-guy self-destructive insanity, that the GOP is capable of. It's extreme, but what else would you expect from a party that's decided now - in the 21st century - is the time to force women into chastity belts and back into the kitchen?

Matt said...

That is one of the heart breaking and infuriating things I've ever read. Btw, the over the top commenter went back and edited her sanctimonious crap when about 90 people piled on. I also have to ask if anyone else has noticed "pro-abortion" being used in place of pro-choice in the media. Maybe I didn't notice the use before, but there is such a world of difference in those terms.

countryjoe said...

New bumper sticker.

Got ovaries? The Republican party hates your guts.

CNNfan said...

Shouldn't everyone be, able to agree, on humanity, to the slightest degree?

An evil murderer is seen by the family just before being executed by law. Shouldn't an innocent unborn?

agrazingmoose said...


Agreed. No one is pro-abortion. But this is an undertone that the conservatives have used for decades.

pea said...

CNNFan: The evil murderer's family is not forced to see him/her if they choose not to. Why shouldn't women who make an informed decision to terminate a pregnancy be offered the same respect?

Anonymous said...

Putting aside the fact that I in no way agree with the Texas law, am pro-choice, and feel government should not be involved in ANYONE's sexual/reproductive choices, I'm concerned that this article wreaks of being a plant. Has anyone done any fact checking on this one? the overall tone and recounting of events throughout the piece strikes me as being manufactured - the description of conversations that took place in particular - I can't quite put my finger on it but my BS detector was tingling as I read the entire article.

The fact that the events as described are horrific does not mean that they should be exempt from proper vetting.

Chez said...

I actually wondered the same thing. I'm hoping that the piece was fact-checked to the best it could be.

Steven D Skelton said...

I don't have a problem at all with the law.

I do, however, have a problem with forcing this woman to go through it all twice. She already had a sonogram. Her doctor had already gone over the condition of her baby with her. I've been through enough heartbreaking OB appointments to know that they checked the heartbeat. Her doctor at the hospital had already gone over the risks of the procedure.

Roe v Wade, rightly or wrongly, is the law of the land and legislators should respect that. I don't have a problem at all with laws and regulations that insure informed consent...(there was a mountain of paperwork when I had a cyst removed) but there is no reason to just be dicks about it.