Thursday, March 29, 2012

Listening Post

Yeah, I know -- they're really just your average post-grunge rock band out of the pit that is Jacksonville, Florida. And yet there's something I really like about Shinedown.

I especially like that instead of jumping on the Up With People, "You're a Somebody, Loser" bandwagon that so many artists over the past year or so have staked a claim to in response to the problem of kids being bullied to death, these guys basically promote the idea of just beating the crap out of your tormentor.

Here's Bully.

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J. Dack said...

I generally can't stand today's version of post-grunge, this band in particular, but I actually do kind of like this song.

Glad I wasn't alone in thinking this was their version of "It gets better."

(Though they did a cover of Simple Man years ago that is pretty amazing.)