Monday, March 26, 2012

Listening Post

Even if you didn't get to the Ultra Music Festival this weekend (which I didn't) you still could've heard it simulcasted live on Sirius XM's Area channel (which I did).

This guy closed out Saturday night with one hell of a set.

Here's Aviici. It's Levels.


Scully said...

I dunno if I would have traded Ultra and WMC for LA. Then again, you seem much more happy lately (and really, fuck Florida, right?) Cheers! \m/

Villemar said...

I got to see and hear the closeout on Sunday night by AVH via (I know, less than ideal audio, but hey) YouTube. I had almost forgotten how fucking amazing a good master Trance artist is since we are so awash in dubstep these days & feel sorry for the kids who think the be all and end all of EDM is Skrillex, Bassnectar, etc.

Ethan said...

Looks like a preview for the 3rd season of the Walking Dead. I guess the virus has mutated so now all the zombies dance.