Thursday, March 22, 2012

Listening Post

After the Pistols there was PiL -- and it was good.

Here's Bad Life.


J. Dack said...

You might be the only person I've ever seen say anything positive about PIL.

kushiro said...

Loved PiL until the mid-80s (though Flowers of Romance was just ok). I remember being disappointed that I couldn't afford a real copy of Metal Box, and having to "settle" for Second Edition. And the utterly fantastic record store I shopped at was called Poptones.

Krash630 said...

Jah Wobble rules!

Doc said...

I always liked their 'Religion'.

How did that go...

Stained glass windows hide the cold outside,
While hypocrites pray on bended knee inside.
Fat pig priest.
Sanctimonious smile.
You take the money,
they take the lies.
This is Religion.
This is *your* Religion.

Pure gold for my angry young man days. :)

pea said...

LOVE this video. Martin Atkins added a lot of POW! to PiL.