Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How To Dismantle an Atomic Bombshell

And here it is, kids -- your daily helping of unbelievably delicious schadenfreude, served up on a silver platter. If you don't know who Jason Mattera is, all I really need to tell you is that he's a disciple of Andrew Breitbart -- a young padawan to Breitbart's jedi master in the dark art of shitty, ultimately self-embarrassing journalism.

To wit, this:

"As part of the promotional rollout for his new book, Hollywood Hypocrites, Jason Mattera yesterday unveiled an ambush interview he conducted with U2 lead singer Bono. Or at least, that's who Mattera thought he had ambushed.

The video was posted at conservative websites like and Glenn Beck's The Blaze, but was later marked 'private' on YouTube and pulled from Why? As explained by The Blaze,'There is widespread discussion on Twitter that the person Mattera interviewed in the videos may have been a Bono impersonator.'


During an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio program yesterday, which includes a brief snippet of the Mattera interview with 'Bono,' Hannity and Mattera touted 'bad boy reporter' Mattera's impressive ambush interview skills. Asked by Hannity how he managed to get an interview with 'Bono,' Mattera replied that it was 'basic shoeleather journalism.' (Hannity promised to run the video on last night's edition of his Fox News program, but said on Twitter this morning that Mattera's appearance was preempted by election coverage and that they would run the video tonight instead.)

Mattera and Hannity complained about how 'Bono' refused to answer Mattera's inquiries about controversy over U2's taxes. As Mattera put it, 'He just filibusters forever without any actual explanation.'"

So, yeah. Moron interviewed a Bono impersonator.

Wanna know how I'm sure of this? Because the interview took place on February 8th at the Village Studio party honoring Jimmy Iovine, here in Los Angeles. And I was there. So were Dre, Lana Del Rey, Skylar Grey and a couple of other well-known artists and musicians. So was a Bono impersonator. Know who wasn't there -- who never set foot as far as I can tell in the very entrance tent where Mattera did his interview, which by the way someone like Bono never would've had to walk through to get inside anyway? Fucking Bono. The place would've gone ape shit if Bono had really been there.

Good job, dumb-ass. And Breitbart's legacy of fail remains intact.


bafreeman said...

Fucking beautiful. This post made my day.
Can't wait to hear about the conspiracy that led to this idiocy.

pea said...

Someone's gotta interview the Bono impersonator about this. Was he stonewalling because he felt he should stay in character, ala Colbert, or did he want to pwn a dickweed for actually believing he WAS Bono?

Enquiring minds want to know.

And, since he's a private citizen, and not a public figure like Bono, does he have a right to press charges against this guy for invasion of privacy?

Master Mahan said...

Apparently shoe leather journalism isn't the same as fact-checking journalism. Fucking moron.

Someone did interview the impersonator, actually:

Anonymous said...

I feel like every time the right comes out with a crazy guerrilla journalism piece from a completely unreliable source, Fox jumps on it only to be embarrassed days later.


Every time.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it applies if the questions are about the person you're pretending to be.

That being said, one cannot discount that the interviewer is indeed a dumbass. While I suspect he knew full well the guy was an impersonator, I'm more than certain he knows nothing about the law. Might as well scare him.

Matt Osborne said...

The words "Breitbart employee" need to be replaced with "talentless hack."

pea said...

Good god. Thanks for that! I love that he stresses that he doesn't do Irish, he just looks like Bono. Obviously shoe leather journalists can't distinguish dialects either. I mean Yugoslav accents are so close to Irish.

What a schmendrick this Mattera is.

Anonymous said...

The thing, I'm not getting is that even if it was Bono, the entire line of questioning is retarded. Where is the gotchya? U2 hasn't broken any laws. I bet a 5 minute search would yield a plethora of hannity clips defending corporate tax shelters etc...

Alex Barreto said...

"Where is the gotchya?"

He's trying to make the point that, since Bono campaigns for fairness in how governments dole out aid, he shouldn't take advantage of tax laws like any other multimillion dollar company does and move his company to a country where he would pay less taxes. By calling him a hypocrite, he hopes that the movement Bono and others champion will be called into question and made to disappear. That would mean less government aid to poor countries.

It's an old story and really should only be an issue if you pay taxes in Ireland.

pea said...

It's just another version of the "Al Gore is fat! And he heats his house!" meme.