Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hate Fucked

You know, the thought of sugar daddy sites and Ashley Madison approaching Rush Limbaugh to advertise on his increasingly ill-funded show was good.

This is better.

"Guess who’s knocking on Rush Limbaugh’s door as his advertisers flee like rats from a sinking ship? It’s the people behind the infamous GodHatesFags website — the Westboro Baptist Church, the most notorious gay-bashing group in America — and they’re ready to step in to keep the embattled Limbaugh on the air.

'As a matter of fact, I can confirm that,' Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told Hatewatch today when asked if the church was seeking to advertise on 'The Rush Limbaugh Show.' 'We’re preparing our first ad at this very moment, and we’ll have a 30-second radio spot ready to go by Friday.'"

That'll do, pigs. That'll do.


TheReaperD said...

You know, they should now support gay marriage. This is a union made in heaven. It must be god's will!

J. Dack said...

Oh I gotta get my popcorn ready for this one.

I bet even Rush is going "...fuck."

Eric said...

Dammit--why isn't there some kind of applause emoticon?

Wait! I forgot! There is a GIF! Here!

This is beautiful. Just when you thought Poetic Karma was dead, it comes waltzing in and plants a big wet kiss on the universe. Thanks, PK!

peach fuzz said...

If god hates sluts, why did he imbue us with the amazing talent of speaking in tongues?