Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 3.15.12

Dow Closes Above 13,000; Why the Stock Market is Good for Everyone; Pennsylvania Governor’s Misogyny; Crazy New Arizona Anti-Choice Law; Free States and Anti-Woman States; Hillary Clinton and Extremists; Sarah Palin and Game Change; Bill Maher’s Mississippi Interviews; and much more. Brought to you by Bubble Genius.

OFFICIAL BOB CORRECTION: Urge Overkill is still together. Blackie Onassis is, to the best of my knowledge, still alive.

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Matt said...

I'm am now bleeding from both forehead and ears. The ears are from listening to the Maher clip, the forehead is from banging my head off the desk to knock the stupid back out.

kanye said...

Urge Overkill had been broken up for about a decade; they got back together.

That means they're not "still together", but rather, reunited.

Poor Bob.

Bob Cesca said...

In my defense, I never said they're "still together" (flashes Chez a nasty glance for putting words in my mouth). I wrote on my blog that they just released a new album in 2011. So my only error -- they broke up -- wasn't really an error. Pbpbbbbth.

Chez said...

This is from the guy who said Blackie Onassis had died. : )

Bob Cesca said...

Well, that too. In the big picture, if I come out of a political show that covers a range of serious topics and I only end up botching Urge Overkill's status and lineup changes... great!!

kanye said...

In the late '90s, I would bump into Blackie every once in a while, and every time that I did, I'd think to myself, "There goes the single most strung-out human being in the history of mankind."

As bad as he was, I have to believe that he has, in fact, been clinically dead...a few times.

Maybe Bob should get a half-point on this one.