Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Assistant Quote of the Day

"Obama lost ground with women. I can’t begin to tell you the dismay and the shock and probably panic that exists in the White House and in the salons of the elites of the Democratic Party over this. They didn’t even consider this a possibility. This never entered their mind. This was going to be the end –- not just of me, folks, the end of talk radio."

-- Rush Limbaugh, reveling in a poll that shows President Obama's numbers down slightly among women and inexplicably linking it to the furor over Limbaugh's attacks on Georgetown student Sandra Fluke

I'm seriously beginning to think Limbaugh is the highest-level, deepest-cover double-agent the Democrats have ever had. Either that or his brain is riddled with holes from the syphilis he picked up in the Dominican Republic a few years back.


JohnF said...

How does this fat moron think Rick Santorum tracks with women?

Steven D Skelton said...

If the numbers went the other way and the president gained ground with women, the left wing opinion makers would certainly be touting those numbers.

Cesca would lead his blog with it.

Pretty typical of the echo chambers though.

Chez said...

That's not the point at all, Steven. It has nothing to do with the poll numbers and everything to do with his arrogance in believing -- or at least claiming to believe -- that Obama is suffering in the wake of Limbaugh's attack on Sandra Fluke and the Democrats' reaction to it.

I swear, sometimes I honestly do think you're determined to play the role of the conscientious objector regardless of what's actually being said.

CNNfan said...

No wonder you ain't stayed married.
Men, all of 'em, are always wrong.


robyurkowski said...

To be fair, Obama did gain ground, and Bob did stick it up on his blog.

And as to double-agent Limbaugh, I think it more likely that doublethink messes one's sense of reality pretty bad. The oxycontin can't help.

Anonymous said...

I also wonder, Chez, if Limbaugh is trying to say that over the president views on the matter that people actually agree with him (Limbaugh) and what he had to say?

Either way it is doublespeak and probably doublethink, either that or the Right is gone total retard.

Matt said...

This brings to mind something that you had written about a while back. Basically that the hardcore fringe that lives in the Fox News echo chamber and ignores everything else lost it's collective shit over Obama's win because everything that they heard in the chamber said he didn't have a chance. Since they didn't pay any attention to the larger reality, he had to have stolen the election. The thing I wonder about is whether Rush is pandering to the echo chamber or has he lived in it so long that he no longer sees anything outside?