Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quote of the Day

"You can't put a gun rack in a Volt."

-- Newt Gingrich, opining on Chevrolet's new Volt electric car in front of an audience in Georgia

I swear, these people couldn't be more of a punchline if they were actually wearing clown costumes. By all means, keep tossing out that red meat -- it's working brilliantly.


tonyl said...

Not to belittle the point, but I thought I saw this in reference to a speech in Oklahoma, where the wind whistles through the oil rigs and such. Maybe at Billy Graham's diploma mill?

Thanks for sharing.

And I have to say that even though I'm not a robot, and I've signed in thru the almighty Gogle, I can't read the g-d- captchas that are needed to post here. 24th try.

J. Dack said...

I bet the "wooo haw"'s he got in response are still echoing through the stratosphere on their way to some very confused and frightened aliens on an observation pod somewhere.

VirginiaO'Possum said...

@tonyl-you can always let the robot read the captchas aloud to you.

dick_gozinia said...

You can't put a gun rack in a Corvette either. Should Chevy stop making those too, you fucking idiot?

Stephen said...

He's an ass. You can put a gun rack on anything.

CNNfan said...

But you can put a robotic arm to hold your raygun which you bought with the money you saved on gasoline, by driving an electric car.

By the way, anyone who visits Thomas Edison's house (historical site) and garage, will see his electric cars were practical for use, and they certainly are every bit as old, or maybe older than his classic gasoline engine cars.

Electric cars is at least a hundred years old. So don't be fooled when they say the battery technology is not quite there yet. It has been there for a century. The only problem with electric cars is that they may simply be too good, which may run the automobile and oil industry right out of business.