Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mass Hysteria

Ho. Lee. Shit.

Watch this in 1080p, fullscreen, with the speakers cranked.

It gave me chills.


Manny said...

Already have mine pre-ordered. You know they're cranking it up when they kill a kid in the opening minutes.

Eric said...

Bioware knows how to make the demos. They actually know how to make the games, too, though I'm still trying to decide if Star Wars: The Old Republic really lives up to the company's standards.

Marc McKenzie said...

@Manny: Saw this on TV a couple of days ago. Blew me away (and yeah, couldn't believe they killed the kid!). Haven't pre-ordered the game, but I'll rent it first and then pick it up at a later date. That's how I played ME and ME 2.

@Eric: Yep--definitely spot-on about BioWare. I'm racing to finish up ME 2 before ME 3 comes out....also picked up the artbook, which is amazing.

I haven't played SW:TOR yet--it's an MMORPG, and despite the accolades it's received, I never got into those types of games.

Alexander said...

You can go gay this time around! Finally, my gayShep doesn't have to be lonely or regretfully fingerbang blue chicks to save face anymore.

Eric said...

Marc: SW:TOR is my first ever MMORPG, and two of the three reasons I decided to take the plunge were (1) Bioware and (2) Star Wars. (The third reason was, (3) all my friends were doing it--and several of them aren't MMORPGers, either, they pretty much were convinced by (1) and (2) like I was.)

Having no experience with MMORPGs puts me in a poor position to say whether it's a good one, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

TOR illustrates perfectly how good Bioware is at making RPGs, and how they have no idea what they're doing in MMO-land. The leveling process, multiple story lines (at least for different classes), and voice-overs are great. It can be played nicely as a single-player game, as long as you don't mind the fact that there is no ending. The grouping system, content once you hit max level, and interface are all horrible. Also, the graphics would have been acceptable in 2006, but are pathetic by modern standards. There has been a massive exodus of players in the last couple weeks, as they have reached the level cap on a couple characters and gotten bored of TOR.

Back to Mass Effect...oh wow. Can't wait. I'll definitely be buying it, full price (unless it or my computer is crippled by included DRM), because the first two were great games and I support good game development.