Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Listening Post

One of the more undeniably catchy songs of the last few months, this is Young the Giant's Cough Syrup.

Sorry, kids -- getting a bit of a late start today. : (


Nate said...

This is another one of those songs I keep hearing on KROQ and never get the name of the band. You're right, though, it's catchy as hell.

hilz said...

Major confused face over here for a few minutes. I know this song, but it's slightly different. Had to check my iTunes but the search for Young the Giant turned up empty.... because I have them as The Jakes. Man, I need to get with it. Congrats to these dudes for getting on KROQ. Those assholes won't even play BRMC.

Chez said...

That's right -- you're a BRMC fan. I'm starting to think you were created in a lab somewhere.