Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Listening Post

There just aren't words to describe how much I love this band. Again, I apologize for the absence -- my deadline is fast approaching and I'm still a little behind the 8-ball on this project, but that should all change by this coming Friday. I plan to bring this little experiment of mine roaring back to life in the next couple of weeks.

I really am eager to get writing again -- and we have much to talk about.

Until then, here's Doves -- Winter Hill.


L. said...

I managed to catch them when they toured the States for Kingdom of Rust. They were fantastic.

I absolutely love their cover of Willow's Song from the Wicker Man. It popped up on the bonus disc for the Last Broadcast. The song becomes considerably moodier and hearing Jimi Goodwin sing in place of Britt Eckland is highly amusing.

maxpurr said...

ok. this makes it all good....
carol ann