Monday, February 06, 2012

Listening Post

Not only is this one of the Sugarcubes' best songs, it's one which features Einar's obnoxious intrusions the least. Which, I suppose, is what makes it one of the band's best.

Here's Cold Sweat.


Thomas B said...

Say what you will about Einar, but some of the songs he's featured on can make the listener very Örn-ery.

doc said...

I really dont like...LOBSTER!!

i loved that song of theirs too. what was that called, 'Regina'?

Adam said...

Speaking of music... The new Halen is surprisingly good. I felt the same way about Tattoo as you and for some reason they decided to release the album's only true dud as the single. Shame too because there are some real singles on the thing.