Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Judging Nancy

As a nice little follow-up to my piece yesterday -- the one that ran both here and at the Huffington Post demanding that CNN take action it never will -- my friend Mary Beth Williams over at Salon ran down in pretty graphic detail the despicable ins and outs of Nancy Grace's reign of on-air terror.

In case you still don't know why Grace is such a worthless piece of shit, consider this all the elucidation you'll need.

Salon: Nancy Grace Is More Terrible Than Ever/2.15.12

I'd like to think that I inspired this piece, but then again I'd like to think that I'm constantly inspiring Mary Beth to do all sorts of things -- none of them, unfortunately, ever done to me.


Claude Weaver said...

If I was one of those 14 year old girls that write sexy fan fiction on the net, I would totally ship you with Ms. Williams. But I fear my hand couldn't truly capture the passion, the heat, the inevitable crying in the corner and disappointed looks needed to truly convey such a union.

And I would make a joke about the actual subject, but I like to keep the concept of sex as far away from the concept of Nancy Grace as I can. crap, naked Grace is creeping into my God no! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Eliot said...

Nancy Graceless. Why does big media want to pretend to be a blog anyway?

Adrienne Saia said...

@Claude Weaver - don't underestimate yourself. You just elucidated the majority of my Friday nights perfectly in that comment!


drater said...

Are we sure that "Ms." Grace is actually a woman? Because looking at that picture...well, one can't help wondering.

nancy said...

Goddamitallsomuch. She makes me want to change my name.

CNNfan said...

Why are xCNNers the new face of FOX News? Lou Dobbs, Ed Henry, John Roberts, Geri Willis... FOX News feels like CNN these days. What does that say about the ratings game?

FOX News must be a secret admirer of CNN, or perhaps a secret CNNfan! This is nice, and gives FOXfans and CNNfans somethin' to talk about. * Thanks FOX News for making xCNN #1 once more.

No pun intended to FOX News, nor the xCNNers.

P.S. Chez, you don't have to trash Nancy every time
you miss me 'round here !