Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Gulp of Mexico

My favorite detail of this completely unsurprising story: There's a dating website called ""

Why oh why didn't I buy up that domain name about 20 years ago?

Talking Points Memo: Anti-Immigration Arizona Sheriff Rocked by Allegations of Immigrant Ex-Boyfriend/2.18.12


Busayo said...

Mmmm, gotta love that schadenfreude pie.

Liquid said...

You know Chez, I've been following your blog for a long time.

I believe the first thing I read was that time you had to hole up in a hotel room before that hurricane hit.

As a 29 year-old straight male, you have one damn sexy voice. Now that I've heard it I have to go back and reread your stuff with that in mind.

Congrats on a perfect "radio voice."

Liquid said...

Just to add -- You and Bob remind me of that moment from "The Shining" when Dick Hallorann is driving up to the Overlook with the radio on.

"KHOW, well good morning! You're on with Hal and Charlie..." Though Bob sounds like Stanley Kubrick.