Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Glam Slam

There's obviously something wrong with me since I really like all but maybe two of these looks on women. Either that or most guys are fucking uninteresting tools.

Total Beauty: 12 Hair and Makeup Looks Men Hate/2.14.12

Ladies, pay no attention to this nonsense. Any guy worth a damn wouldn't want to date someone who obsesses over what men think of her anyway.

And besides, if you're really that desperate to "catch the guy at the bar's eye," just do what stupid women have done for years: start making out with your equally dumb girlfriend or just walk up to him and tell him you're willing to screw him in the parking lot.


Michael R said...

Completely agree w you. Only one I'm not crazy about is the bun... But I am sure it is relative.

pea said...

Uh. Even the offer of a hand job in the bathroom will make them follow you. Men are dogs.

Josh said...

What you said. There are a few things in that list I'm not usually a fan of, but sometimes am, depending on the woman. Total nonsense.

kanye said...

Let's be honest, pea...right up through 1983, that was a 2-way street.

em said...

If a guy cared *that* much about my eye makeup, I'd be pretty sure that he isn't really after girls in the first place.

Anonymous said...

That is a ridiculous article. He writes about how a certain style sucks, then puts a picture of a beautiful women wearing that style perfectly...that any dude would nail any night of the week! If the girls pretty, it hardly matters what they style is. Granted, some styles may look better than others.

pea said...

kanye...do I know you? ;-P

IrishGirl said...

I saw that article too and it irritated me....I wear my hair pixie cut. They said to wear your hair like I do "you have to have the attitude to match"....what the hell does that mean?! I can't stand those kind of "what men want" articles....they assume that women are supposed to be a cookie cutter version of some unrealistic standard and that women want that. Some must because they're reading the tripe, but they aren't women of substance.

JohnF said...

No man has ever read a What Men Want article and thought "right on! It's like they're inside my head!" Has a straight man ever had a hand in writing one of these ridiculous pieces? They're written by women, for women, and we don't care either way.
The actual style guide is more like:

1. Don't be morbidly obese
2. Get really fun after a couple of drinks
3. Have a vagina

Trust me, you'll find the man of your dreams.

NoxiousNan said...

Touche, JohnF, but your gender has it's own little side of that coin (which admittedly affects far fewer of your gender), that is the PUA.

I think Harrison Ford nailed it - in some chick flick - when he said, "you know how a woman gets a man excited? She shows up."

kanye said...


I don't think so, although...anything's possible.

Fellow traveler: Same roads-same places-same time.