Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting Friendly

Three things worth checking out from one friend I consider very close and two others who are "friends" in the social networking sense:

Life Goes On

Mary Beth Williams is now a "cancer veteran" and is about to end the aggressive experimental treatment that saved her life. So why is she still so scared? If you've ever dealt with cancer in any way or in any form, you'll understand exactly why.

Salon: Now What? Life After Cancer Treatment/2.20.12

Gleek You

Curtis Robert Tyree doesn't like Glee. What's more, he resents the fact that he's constantly being told that he should like Glee just because he's gay. If, like me, you think that Glee is full of gay stereotypes rather than fully-formed gay characters, Curtis agrees with you and provides a little perspective.

C8R5T: The First Time Is Always Painful/2.18.12

The Good Fight

Jennifer Sulkin started something called Boobies for Freedom not long ago. Now she's expanding that enterprise into something slightly more ambitious (although admittedly less fun to watch).

Train of Thought: Destination Progress/2.8.12

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