Monday, February 13, 2012

The Born Ultimatum

"Cousin Avi," who's a regular reader and commenter here and at Cesca's site, wrote a piece for his own blog yesterday that's getting a pretty good amount of traction -- and deservedly so. In it, he eviscerates the religious argument against providing co-pay free contraception to women, as laid out -- no pun intended -- in the Obama administration's Health Care Reform Act.

But that's really kind of burying the lede. In reality what he does is take on the entirety of the ridiculousness that is the Catholic church and its ongoing crusade to force humanity -- even those who don't count themselves among its ranks -- to submit to its wack-job dogma and the 2,000-year-old superstition that spawned it.

My favorite quote:

"If anyone believes the horrid, crushing ratbag of insane, morally repulsive gibberish that constitutes Catholicism, they are absolutely welcome to it. At the moment, the very instant, they demand that anyone else conduct any element of their life in accordance with that hogwash, they shall find themselves not merely opposed but crushed. There is a legal maxim that says one’s right to swing one’s arms about ends at the tip of my nose... and so it is with belief and conduct within the secular law: your right to pray ends when you order me to kneel, and your right to eschew birth control goddamn well ends when you tell me I must also abide by the restrictions you set for yourself."

Fuck yeah.

It's a must-read.

Veritas Nihilum Vincet: Stupid Jesus Freaks/2.12.12


JackDanieL said...

Along with Bob, yourself, and (unfortunately) precious few others, Cuz can be counted on to keep my ammo belt full of razor-barbed-facts.
I hope to see both you and Primo Avi get firmly back in the saddle and kick some more ass this year. Though my chats with Avi, and your awesome presence on the podcasts makes up for "only" getting a badass memorable piece of writing as often as you guys can burp em out ;)

Manny said...

Holy shitballs, that's good.

trish said...


Anonymouse said... a person that was raised Catholic and was forced into a Catholic high school for two years, this is just one of the many retarded things that the church takes a position on utterly beyond any reasonable rational.

You know why Catholic priests can't get married? No theological arguments as priests, bishops, and popes have historically had families. The problem was the church was losing too much property to the dependents and survivors of religious personnel who died. So boom, have a sit down, and no more married priests.

Actually, for even more fun, read up on the Delicta Graviora. Pretty funny that sodomizing a child, a retarded child or adult, and ordaining women are all pretty much treated by the same level of punishment when performed by a priest. At least now technically. Before you could totally plow the kids and the retards.

TheReaperD said...

@JackDanieL: Unfortunately, the catholic church, and any religion for that matter, are immune to things like facts.

Anonymous said...

Random question, why does “The Catholic Worker,” which uses Christian teachings to fight for economic justice, just have a little paper format newsletter, but the Anti-Abortion movement (can’t call them pro-life without gagging) can buy Super Bowl Ad time?
When this whole contraception thing broken out I looked at the calendar and it still said 2012. It was a disappointing moment.

David said...

While I tend to agree with most of the points he was trying to make, I have to admit I'm not entirely sold on his delivery. The level of anger seems counterproductive to rallying rational people to your cause. And if he isn't trying to convince people with his arguments, then what is he doing other than rallying the troops so to speak?