Thursday, February 23, 2012

American Exceptionalism

Shameless hypocrisy and an almost sociopathic unwillingness to base arguments on empirical evidence is nothing new for the modern GOP. But a piece in Slate right now by Eliot Spitzer highlights an interesting irony to the constant, panicked claims from the clown car of Republican presidential candidates that Barack Obama is taking us down the road to the "European-style socialism" he so admires.

See, there are two models currently on display for all to see which demonstrate two diametrically opposed ways of dealing with an economy gang-raped by Wall Street and its overseas ilk. In one, austerity is used to choke the people and their governmental systems to death, resulting in civil unrest and not a positive thing on the balance sheet to show for it; in the other, tempered bailouts and managed reconstruction is combined with a renewed emphasis on sensible regulation, resulting in a steadily increasing rebound and a drop in unemployment. The Republicans have lined up squarely, intransigently behind the former model; Obama, the latter.

Here's the thing, though: The place where that first response is being attempted, and where it's failing miserably, is Europe. The place where the second response is being used, to quite a bit of success, is Detroit.

So who's really being anti-American?

Slate: Why Romney Is Collapsing/2.21.12

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