Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Chances are by now you're aware that Wikipedia's basically on strike today, having taken itself down in protest of the draconian SOPA and PIPA bills that threaten to change the way the internet operates by consolidating an immense amount of power in the hands of corporate content providers. Well, while you know what the hell is going on outside your front door, there are needless to say a lot of people out there who've never even heard of SOPA, don't know a thing about the bigger internet strike happening in response to it, and who are now collectively scratching their heads and spewing outrage over the fact that Wikipedia isn't working.

They don't get it. And judging by a Twitter account that's now been set up to retweet their pissy, often misspelled and utterly hilarious tweets in response to losing Wikipedia for a day, it's easy to see why.

Twitter: @herpdepedia


brettskean said...

Individuals are intelligent and creative beings; people, on the other hand, are stupid. . .

Riles said...

It's ironic that these idiots don't simply click the "Learn More" link to find out exactly WHY wikipedia is blacked out.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow..."What does Wikipedia have against soap!?"...LOL!

Interestingly enough, if you search "SOPA" on Wikipedia, the page comes up.

nicole473 said...

You can still access Wikipedia on the mobile url, using a pc or mobile.

Anonymous said...

the search term "sopa" works

VOTAR said...

Wiki tweet pipa tweet, lol?

Google twitter sopa twitter; yahoo twitter pipa twitter.

U r Derp tweet tweet noob.


Anonymouse said...

I honestly wished that SOPA would get passed and signed into law because it would finally drive home the point that our elected leaders are writing laws that affect our lives with little or no understanding of their long term repercussions. The average congress member cannot hook up a TV, yet they write these laws on behalf of an industry that is going out of business because of a failed business model. These are the same people that demanded that the VCR, DVD, and pretty much any technology that affected their antiquated control of distribution outlawed.

Americans, like everyone else on Earth, don't care about anything unless it directly affects our individual lives. It is hilarious to see people responding to this with outrage and shock when the internet as a whole has been raising a shit storm about this for months.

tonyl said...

Well, thanks, Chez, for leading me into the valley of temptation, where I spent an hour laughing and crying, often at the same tweet.
And I'm clearly a "old white guy" with my head in the sand: I'd never seen either "gay" or "cunt" so frequently used as pejoratives in a non-sexual context.
Keep it up. And regarding your getting life, Congrats and keep living it. We'll be here.
Thanks for sharing.