Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Do you believe that Mitt Romney has a big penis?"

-- Prank caller to New Hampshire Republican Party Chairman Wayne MacDonald during an interview on C-Span

First of all, no, I'm not one of those people who believes that politics, and in particular the political media, in our country should be treated with veneration and dignity -- far from it these days. So, yes, this is hilarious and shows the whole damn circus that is the Republican race for the White House the respect it deserves.

Second, who knows the kind of powers Mitt's magic underwear have. It's entirely possible he's huge. Although he'd still only be using it to fuck the working class.


L. said...

'Has' or 'is'?

Nick said...

I'm guessing the answer is ‘No’, else we'd have already heard a hue and cry from the good citizens of Massachusetts.

The more important question is whether Mitt gives good reach-round or, indeed, any reach-around.

namron said...

There's got to be something more than religious belief motivating plural marriages. Maybe Mitt and his brethern are swinging the hammer of God. Perhaps the Mormons got what was left on the Creator's list when the Irish turned it down in favor of whiskey.

Stephen said...

He calls it Moroni's Trumpet.

Ref said...

Back when Bushie The Lesser had been anointed by the Supreme Court to sit in the White House, one of his nastier followers sniffed that "Now we know nobody will be having sex in the Oval office." My immediate response was that working Americans were going to be getting fucked in there for at least the next four years.

Mittens promises more of the same.