Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Quote of the Day, Jr.

"Understand it's going to be a brutal bloodbath because this is such an important election cycle."

-- Florida Congressman, Tea Party darling and raving psychopath Allen West on the eventual fate of Barack Obama come November

Is there anything this asshole can say that isn't steeped in violent imagery? Look, I get that it's a comment that would normally be little more than benign, given that people use that particular metaphor all the time -- but this is Allen West we're talking about. The man honestly can't open his mouth without some horseshit-masculine, Peckinpah-esque reference to barbarism tumbling out onto the floor.

By the way, sorry for the low output lately. Got a lot of projects going on right now and still trying to get a handle on how I'm gonna keep things running at East Coast speed now that I'm out west. Things will get back to normal soon enough.

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Nick said...

no worries about the output; the trek diary was fun. also? congrats on the move....

the one constant among all these tea-baggers is that they are inordinately proud of character traits most humans would find to be fatal flaws.

or, as M$ has said for years: "That's not a bug, it's a feature."